We want to get to know you better.

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How much do you agree with the following statements? Reply:

  ➣   1 - Strongly Disagree
  ➣   2 - Disagree
  ➣   3 - Somewhat Disagree
  ➣   4 - Somewhat Agree
  ➣   5 - Agree
  ➣   6 - Strongly Agree

1. I choose the most expensive brands because they show others that I have good taste

2. I do not care how fashionable it is - I will not wear something that is uncomfortable, e.g., heels that hurt, dress that pinches at

3. My style is influenced by celebrities or people I see on TV or in magazines

4. Shopping for clothes is a chore - I avoid it when I can

5. I mostly buy clothes on impulse, rather than planning in advance

6. I often choose to buy my clothes in stores for which I have vouchers or coupons

7. I only buy clothes to replace items that have worn out

8. When buying clothes, I always choose the best quality products, even if it means I can only afford to buy fewer items